Our Refurbishment process

The computers and equipment we sell has been professionally refurbished to the highest standards for trouble free computing for years to come.

Below is a run down of our refurbishment process for a Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF:

  • Full strip down and clean
  • Hard drive replacement (removal of HDD and fitting of brand new SSD)
  • Replacement new BIOS battery
  • BIOS update to the latest version (in order for maximum compatibility and speed)
  • Removal of CPU cooler and replacement thermal paste on CPU to ensure no overheating issues
  • Fresh install of fully licensed, latest version of Windows 10 Professional (with latest updates installed) (or other OS upon request)
  • Adding matched pairs of branded RAM for full dual channel capability
  • Installation of other software (Libre-Office, Chrome, VLC)
  • Ensuring Anti Virus software is functional and fully up to date
  • Final full test prior to shipping